We want to make medical billing easier for you!

"Now we can concentrate on our patients, rather than their billing!"

What is the process of becoming a client?

Please contact us for a meeting @ #208-863-6419 or toll free #888-467-9117. You may also reach me at amy@premierbillingsolutions.com. We will discuss the services we offer, review the areas that you are needing improvment and offer a solution to turning your aged accounts around.

What is your turn around time, start to finish?

Depending upon what services you are interested in, the day that we send your billings out, you should see payment within three weeks.

How do you stay current on governmental and insurance regulations?

We are members in HBMA , our industries professional affiliation, where we are sent daily updates about what is going on with all insurances and government issues. We receive all insurance companies newsletters and updates via email.

What are your fees?

We offer our clients a unique option of full service fees or just paying for as many services as you require. Our fees range from 5-8% of total payments received on behalf of our clients.

What software do you use?

We have created our own in-house software, MBS (MedBillSolution), which enables us to customize the billing/reporting features to each client. Our software is web based which allows access from anywhere and anytime.